Cookie policy

Yes, this website uses cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny files that get saved onto your computer when you browse websites. These are safe but some are designed to track the websites you go to. If you've ever wondered why you've gotten bombarded with adverts about cordless drills on Facebook after going to a DIY website, it's because of cookies.

Does Pick an EV use cookies?

Yes. It's actually pretty difficult to avoid cookies these days but there are a few we use on this website to 'enhance your experience'. (Every website says that but what they really mean is "so we can advertise/get analytics").

The services installed that use cookies are:

  • Google Analytics: We use this to see which pages are popular (where we should spend more effort in development) and your rough location. This will determine whether we should spend time adding localised versions of the website.
  • Facebook: There's a button which allows you to easily share a page on Facebook.
  • Twitter: There's a button which allows you to easily share a page on Twitter.
  • Google AdSense: In order to make website development viable, we have some advertising.
"Can I opt out? I don't want these darn biscuits on my computer"

Yes. When you first visit the website, a little bar will appear at the bottom. Click "decline" and cookies will be blocked. If you've already agreed to them but have changed your mind, access the cookie section of your web browser's preferences and delete the Pick an EV ones from there.

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